Gift #AtoZChallenge

Met life this morn
with a frown
On being quizzed why
pat came the reply
“When was I last pampered?”
A query to be pondered
Disgruntled by my ponder
Life sat in a corner
On being queried why
It pointed at a guy
who on the verge to die
fathomed his love for life
Life, as usual, wondered
Why we mortals
turn a blind eye
to the gift, called Life
till it bids goodbye…





Fragments #AtoZChallenge

Heart, Dirty, Dirt, Structure, Ground









Just last night gathered

the fragments of heart,

that fell apart

wrecked by a storm


How profoundly I pampered

them to slumber

after sleep declined my invite

owing to a blunder


Somewhere close to dawn

a tornado of emotions

fared to slip in, and

smashed them to smithereens


Now it seems impossible

for even possible

to hold my fragments together

unless a dream, they’ll bond never


Oh, my tiny fragments!

How I wished, I put you to rest

for at least a night

before the outburst

Eyes #AtoZChallenge

Dreamy, Eyes, Look, Baby, Background

Ever had a rendezvous

with eyes?

Eyes, that speak volumes

Eyes, that fabricate tales


Ecstatic eyes, when a mum

cuddles her new-born

and feels heavenly

to have her Numero Uno


Demure eyes, when a beloved,

in her maiden expression of love

plants a peck

on her lover’s cheek


Astonished eyes, when a dad

realizes his darling daughter

has outgrown her age

and made him proud


Dreamy eyes, when a spouse

journeys myriad miles

to bond with her soulmate

who has vanished for ages


Gloomy eyes, when parents

lose their only son to fate

and wonder why they are still alive

to witness that heart-wrenching


Fatigued eyes, when a greybeard

awaits his call for final destination

but is blessed enough to

live till eternity
































Dreams #AtoZChallenge

Eye, Brow, Cheek, Brown, Day Dream








Once the shutters

of the soul are down

you are on a voyage

to a land unknown


It takes you through

the glimpses of past,

future and present

without your assent


They are dear

as they land you near

the memoirs of past

that seldom outlast


They let you chase

the frontiers of future

with stars in eyes

you wish to venture


They open doorways

to a plethora of okays

you would love to cajole

the span they control


As long as you dwell

in the cast they spell

You live that moment

to its marvel


Catastrophe #AtoZChallenge









We salute your might

you turn prosperity into pieces

In a jiffy, you capsize the scene

from riches to rags


‘No mercy’ being your tag line

On young and old, you dine

Thanks to your unbiased rules

The affluent and the deprived

stand on uniform grounds


You rule like a dictator

and play gleefully with our lives

Our fate at your disposition

we are spectators of our ruins


No matter how hard we whine

You leave no stone unturned

to ensure you’ve wont

the battle that has rivalry none


The perfectionist that you are

never fail to accomplish

the task you were entrusted

to put a pause to the saga called life